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Bug--I hit the withdraw to paypal, got a server maintenance message and now it won't let me withdraw at all


I can click and get an email to withdraw but when I click the link it tells me its processing and nothing happens. When I hit refresh, it goes from orange back to green instead of being at red to show the withdrawl was made. Six times I’ve tried to withdraw.

Anyone else?


You tried 6 times within 24 hours? I had a withdraw issue once. I was told to wait 24 hours because you can try to withdraw only one time per 24 hours. I waited 24 hours, tried again and this time it worked. Hopefully it works for you.


I clicked my withdrawal activation link and the site went to a coffee break … it ended up getting stuck for over a day requiring a ticket to be made… after I saw 2-3 other users on the forum with a similar issue I decided to make my ticket that day and it was fixed within 3-4 hours. If it’s an issue with the withdrawal , sometimes they will fix it. If it’s you trying to withdraw a 2nd time in 24h … they will tell you to wait.

I’d make a ticket…