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[BUG] I think i found a bug on a gig of mine


It’s in the Programming & Tech / WordPress / Security category .
And it’s the link of that gig of mine that has that problem https://*****
And the bug i am seeing is covering my name with the gig , i think , it may be a css error . Please fix it fiverr . Thanks

Mod Note: Gig link removed. Gig links allowed in “Improve my Gig” and “My Fiverr Gigs”


Please submit a ticket to customer support. Make sure to include your screenshots as well.


@bluebird008 It looks good. It’s just your browser is messed up. What kind of device are you seeing that on? This is on a 13 inch laptop with chrome.


Hi , Annai80 , Before i report it officially to Fiverr , i would like to confirm by others that it is really a bug or an error and not only seeing by me only .


I am using 15 inch notebook , and from Firefox quantum 57.0.2 version browser. Can that be a problem ?


You can try downloading chrome and seeing what it looks like.

Also you can try adjusting the size of the window in your browser since it looks a little large, although that wouldn’t do it probably.

I see you still have the old user interface by the grey edges. That could have something to do with it.


If your other gigs are OK it might be a problem with that particular gig. Perhaps a reset will solve it. Just an idea. Good luck ;).


I have already tried with chrome . It looks fine on chrome . The problem is when i use the firefox quantum browser . It annoys me when i see my gig that way .

I have tried adjusting the size of the window, it doesn’t change . Problem remains .

And can i ask , what old interface are you talking about ? What do you mean by using an old interface .?

My other gigs are fine . It is only that particular gig that is showing a problem .


See how yours has the grey edges around that page? Ours our white now.
Fiver changed how it looks.


Yup , my other gigs are fine . when u say resetting that gig , you mean editing the gig again ? I have tried twice and it doesn’t solve the problem . I think the problem with the firefox browser . Some gigs might show differently with different browsers :star_struck: . And that can be a bug . I am still not sure , it’s a bug worth reporting . Or is it really a bug at all !!


Customer support has the ability to perform a reset. I would just contact them to see if there is anything they can do since your other gigs seem OK. Also try clearing your browser…cookies just in case.


It’s a browser problem with how it handles that page.


Yeah , i can see the grey edges , But it’s everywhere . I am not seeing any white edges at all . If fiverr changed , i haven’t received that upgrade yet . Or is there another way to update fiverr !!??


That is because you do not have the new update from fiverr.


Thank you Annai80 , I will contact them if anything they can do about it all .


May be … how can i get that update !! ?


I wish I could trade you since that white is very bright.


Really !!! well , i hope your wish comes true .