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Bug in Android App makes sellers look dumb


When a client starts a conversation and I reply in the Android app, I cannot see their attachments (to their first message). There have been multiple instances where a buyer asked for a quote and I had to ask them for their files. Later that day when viewing the conversation on my PC I discovered that they already attached their files in the first message, I just couldn’t see them in the Android App. This bug is making sellers look simply dumb/foolish. They could even think that my answer is just an automated message and I could loose valuable clients because of this.
If this is an error on my end, let me know. Otherwise, please fix this!


You can contact CS . If that is their app problem then they will fix that soon … :grinning:

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Thank you, submitted a ticket :smile:


This is the main reason why I use the App only to check for notifications/messages/stats. I don’t use the App for any important stuff because the App has many bugs in it.

I can see a lot of people using the App on a regular basis (even for important client-related stuff) as it offers unparalleled convenience and ease of use. But, I’ve realized that doing so (relying on the App for important stuff) can inadvertently put my account at risk (my stats/level could get affected). :crying_cat_face:


I just use it to block people who message me, such as people who continue to send me messages even after I told them to please find another seller. I am so grateful to have the block feature. My inbox would be bombed with dozens of long rambling confused messages sometimes from people who would never stop without that. I sometimes frantically grab the phone to block people who are starting to be very annoying.


I don’t think this is peculiar to the Android app only, I have the iOS app and I have noticed the same issue since the last week.

I hope they fix this soon.

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Yes, I fully agree. They should fix this as soon as possible because this can make the whole platform look bad. (Bad communication with clients)

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if people think that, light android apps will be able to fulfill their all needs 24 by 7 then they are living in a fools paradise :slight_smile: . i think it won’t be fixed. smartphone came with inherent constraint.


Another bug is that once buyer completes the order you can not contact the buyer through the app.

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Yes, I’m also experiencing that. I suggest everyone to take screenshots and create a support ticket so they fix these problems soon!