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Bug in Buyer Request Section?

Hey there guys!

I have sent few offers in response to buyer requests a while ago and I wanted to check one of the last ones… I went to “SENT OFFERS” and couldn’t find the 4 offers I sent today. Is it just me or someone else is facing the same issue?



I always have to refresh the page to make recently made offers show up.


If the offers got deleted or paused by the buyers who posted those request, you can’t find them again and that only happens in the fiverr mobile app. But if you open your PC you can still find them. But I don’t know whether you couldn’t still find them when checking out your PC browser too.

Thank you so much for everyone who took their time to reply. After an hour, I started seeing the latest offers I sent. I don’t know why it took so much, usually I also refresh the page, as @imagination7413 suggested, but this time it took me longer than usual. Anyway, solved! Thanks again.