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Bug in Buyers Request's ATTACHMENT


I just figured out the bug in buyers request.

From Mobile app, it is not showing attachments where as from Web, the attachment is visible from the same request. Both the screenshots are attached.

Also, confirmed with others, the web app only show one attachment even if the request contains more than one attachment.

I am an iOS user, my mobile application is up to date. Please share your comments against this bug, or if any solution, do let me know.

I am not able to see any attachment in buyer request from mobile app.

Fiverr mobile app (iOS):

Fiverr web app:

Please have a look on it, waiting for the response from others.

Hi there!

Yes, buyer request attachments are not viewable on the Fiverr iOS app. I don’t think this is a bug, it’s just something that’s not available yet.

That’s why I prefer to leave offers to buyer requests on a laptop, so that I can see all of the attachments.

@krheate But, I confirmed this with other users, the fiverr web application show not all the attachments. It shows only one attachment even if there are more than 1. You mentioned, you can se all of the attachments from web view, are you sure? I haven’t seen more than 1 attachment in requests from web app, also I confirmed with others too.

Yes, on the other hand, android application shows all the attachments. That’s why it is something like, we can’t rely on web application too as many time buyer attach 3 to 4 attachments for understanding the seller what he want and we apply request by viewing only single attachment as we are not aware is there are more attachments or not.

That is why, I think it’s a bug!
On android, it shows everything perfectly!
On web, it shows only 1 attachment even if there are more.
On iOS, it show no attachment.

I commonly seem to be missing Attachments in BR using Windows PC Desktop.


I only realise it when I see more than 1 time, the buyer post a request mentioning that, for this… please check the attached image 1, for that check image 2 etc etc. First I thought it was a mistake done from buyer side, he mistakenly attached 1 image instead of more. But same like thing I have seen in many other requests too. Then I asked others, and one of the android user told me I can see all the attachments from my app. Then I realised, I haven’t seen any attachment ever in my mobile app.

We can say that, iOS app haven’t released this update that’s why iOS users have no option to see the attachments. (It’s strange! but, OK we can say that.)
But, on web we can’t say that too. It’s a bug! Buyer attaches more than 1 file, but it shows only single attachment in request.

Yes, android app works completely fine.

Looking for the reviews of other sellers…