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Bug in delivery time


One of my repeat customers just placed a standard order with a standard delivery time of 5 days.
However, on the order page it shows up as 1047 days.
This is really outrageous of course.
I have made a printscreen without disclosing my buyer’s name.
Please could someone look into this?

Kind regards,



Well, you have plenty of time to deliver your job :joy:


Just deliver the order before 5 days


:smile_cat: Sorry for laughing, but that´s just too funny! I’d say the same as phantompower, obviously do deliver before 5 days are over,

but I´d also definitely open a ticket with CS too, not just to make them aware of this bug but also to be on the safe side, not that the counter is so messed up that it tells you you got 1047 days but suddenly counts your delivery as late after only 3 days or something, there seem to be a lot of date related bugs atm.

Fiverr staff might look at the bug section here, but who knows when. Maybe only in 1047 days or so :wink:
Customer Support


I do not mind you laughing, because it is pretty funny.
Actually, I think I may have figured out the cause.
This man happens to be my very first buyer on Fiverr ever.
I did a lot of translations for him when I first started out.
Then one time, he forgot to give to information I needed to complete an order, so that never really started.
Instead of giving the info, he started a new order, and the old order was apparently sitting in my account for 1047 days.
Now, he discovered that old order, and added the info for a current order to the old order.
My clock says 5 days, so I should be safe!
I will not need the full 5 days to deliver anyway.