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Bug in gig packages form when I select the number of pages


I was editing my gig last night. When I try to add number of pages, the drop down list was not scrolling with pointer. It works with mouse wheel but I was unable to scroll the sidebar with my pointer by clicking and draging.

Please sort it out.



I am not too familiar with packages, having only one gig that uses them.

What do you mean by add number of pages?


It was web development related gig, in which we specify the number of pages we will provide for specific package.


Oh ok thank you.

You can send a message to customer support about this bug. We can’t do anything about it here as we are just sellers like you. I am not sure whether or not customer support or tech support reads all of these bugs in this forum.


I thought they will look here for bugs reports.


I am not sure of that. Maybe.