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Bug in message system

Ok, this is my story:

I receive a message from a client.
She is responding to my message.
I read it, and I don’t need to respond the message.
I go away.


I check my messages
I have 1 message unread
It’s the same old message.
I mark the message as read
I go away again

Later later.

I check my messages
I have 1 message unread
It’s the same old message.
I lose my mind.
I mark the message as read 300 times from 300 different sites.
The message keeps marked as unread.
I lose my mind again.
I create this topic to uncharge my rage.

The message is still marked as unread.
I think I wont be able to sleep tonight.



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I had that bug before what I did was, use chrome, mark it as read then refresh the page and delete the whole conversation.


I have noticed this since last year. What I do is that I click on the message again, go back to inbox and wait a few seconds until the message notification disappears.


:rofl: I think deleting the whole thing would solve the issue, but is a regular customer and I want to keep track of all our conversations. I’ve thought about sending the client a message to see if that refreshes the system, but I don’t want the client to think i’m asking for a job or anything else.


:confused: been there, done that! but thanks!

I also wanted to add a side note that even if delete the whole conversation then the buyer sends you a new message, the whole message history will appear back in your inbox. At least that is what happens on my side.


Best tip ever!
I will delete the conversation RIGHT NOW!!!


Problem solved! :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

Glad to have helped.


Is there any way to solve this without deleting the messages??
I am facing the same issue with only one of buyer. I have replied most conversations with him but still showing all messages as unread. I think this also dropped my response rate.


Well, before I went crazy as hell, I certified that it wasn’t going to affect my response rate.
Deleting the messages did make the green dot from the messages area to disappear, but when I enter my dashboard I see this message:

:rofl: it means that the bug is still there… I just managed to calm it down


Having problems with messages displaying as unread? I reported the following:

Bug Report Replication Steps

  1. Received a message from buyer.
  2. I answered the question immediately.
  3. Fiverr displays message as unread (it should be read and not be in my inbox).
  4. Reported this issue to Fiverr Success Coach
  5. Reporting it now to Customer Support

Bug Report Expected Results

  1. Remove the message from my inbox
  2. Show message as read
  3. Don’t penalize me for not responding to messages

See below:

I suggest all sellers do the same. Get in front of it before the 24-time lapses to avoid another percent of your response rate. Together, we can hold Fiverr accountable.

Hope this helps.


That’s a great help!
Thanks for supporting the community. :muscle: