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Bug in Mobile App

Hi! Hope you all are fine :slight_smile:

Anyone other facing the issue with fiver mobile app? Today I complete 2 order’s but it can not Update earning a month section.

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Check it after your money pending clearance.

Yeah, same here.

Earning in June is $0 on the app when it shouldn’t be. Everything works fine on desktop version.


How you guys find those bugs? haha

I pulled out my phone out of curiosity and I was like: Huh, would you look at that…they were right. But I can confirm it works on the desktop website,

Am I the only person who actually likes fiverr app and uses it for messaging and checking on stats all the time? :slight_smile: I seriously like the app and now it treats me like this.

I mostly use it for notifications and when I’m on the go…but given the option of typing on an actual keyboard over the app I’d always choose the former.


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