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Bug in Processing Payments


Fiverr order page is continuing to have major issues in the credit card/PayPal section.

When I tried to tip a seller, at the end of the order, the site went bonkers. It logged me off, came back up by itself, then a whirling circle appeared.

I logged off then logged back on. The tip did not appear on the order page at my end. When I asked the seller, it did appear at their end. Upon resetting the computer - don’t know if that had anything to do with it, but it showed up.

That happened a week or so ago, but there seems to be continual bug that many buyers are facing.

Before I make additional purchases, I would like a confirmation this bug has been resolved. I hate for whole bunch of money to be in limbo.



Agreed. Maybe @mjensen415 or other Fiverr staff can give us an update?


New buyers also facing problems placing their first order, I came across 2 of them… but later problem was solved by contacting CS…


That’s good to hear.

Unfortunately, I’ve read that some buyers weren’t as lucky. Just in case I fall in the unlucky group, I was hoping for :+1:from someone.

Thanks for the call, Carol. :grin:


Perhaps I got lucky, but I placed an order a short while ago and it was



Just passing info for all you newbie, nervous buyers! So, go order some gigs and keep some freelancers gainfully employed!