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Bug in search - Gig with 3k+ Positive Reviews Suddenly Disappeared!

I am really shocked writing about this, but since this morning my gig with 3k+ positive reviews suddenly dropped in search, I had received a notification that my gig tile was confuse (another top rated seller has a similar title and their gig is still on top), I edited and now I am on page 12 for the “SEO” keyword.

Someone else is having the same issue? Or I am the only “lucky” one?

That’s really sad. I was looking for your gig today and I couldn’t find it. I hope that customer support fix this for you because I didn’t find a seller which do a good job like you.

It’s so frustrating! Same thing happened to my gig over two weeks ago. Gig doesn’t show up in search when not logged into Fiverr; it does show up when logged in. There are 48 other gigs in the Mandala category that aren’t showing up. I’ve contacted customer support. No word on how long this will take to resolve. Aaargh…

Don’t know much but it happens sometime. I know a Pakistani who has gig with over 3k positive reviews but today I can’t search his gig.

Its better to contact support, maybe they can help you.