Bug in set up for New Gig


I have probelm to set up a new gig from Internet Browser. The pricing and delivery time fields is empty. Properbly is it a Windows 10 problem Some more who have this problem or any suggestions?


I have Windows 10 but all is fine


My opinion is to try a new browser like Google Chrome, Firefox… or whatever you want… different from your current one


Yes, same problem here, one of my gigs don’t have a box to add extras for time and price, so when I want to save I get error message, see picture below.


I installed firefox and yes it works again…Do the same then it wil be fine:)


I m not sure about that, i have firefox, chrome, chromium and on none of them works. Same thing, same error.

EDIT: Just tryed Internet Explorer, same thing. So What is going on? M i being sabotaged?


No I dont think its sabotage, its a browser issue. Internet explower and windows 10, there is som bugs. But firefox, you need the last version of it, then propebly it will work.