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Bug in the earnings section - did it happen to any of you too?

I had an order from a client, not a while ago, in the beginning, it had just my package, however, a few more things were needed so I have sent a custom quote in order to get paid for the extra funds inside of the order.

Here is how it happened, my client order my “Best Buy Package” which has a total cost of $35, after adding the extras, plus the tip from my client the order value had risen to $60, so on the order page it says that I earned $48 from that particular order, however once I open the earnings section it says that only $28 are going to be cleared for the very same order. Which means, it takes out the value of the custom extra added to the order, and of course the value of the tip.

I have contacted customer support, and I do hope that it is just a visual bug.

Did this occur to any of you?


Are you sure that it is not showing the other $25 separately?
If the buyer paid for example, $35 + $20 + $5 then there would be 3 separate funds cleared - $28 + $16 + $4.


Nope, it’s all under the same order, $28 is the package, $12 is the custom extra which was under the order, and $10 was the tip also left on the same order. For example, when you click on the order, it says $44.

You actually, got me thinking let me check.

EDIT: You are correct. This is the first time that I noticed, that tips, and extras added to the order count as separate funds.


It still gets me every time and I have the same mini-panic


Yep, now I can sleep a lot easier! :blush:


I remember the first time this happened to me, kept bugging CS For 3 days until one of them pointed out tips appear as a seperate fund. Needless to say, that was one of the most embarassing moments of my life. On that note, you did contact support, right? What response did they give?


They told me, that everything that’s more than the order value, goes as a separate fund in the earnings panel.