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Bug in the system related to delivery time?

Hello everyone,

As I enjoy the new award as a Level one seller, I get to experience for the first time the unpleasantry of a late delivery.

I agreed with a buyer the delivery of a project by the 4th of September and stated this also in the “box” of the custom order.
Unfortunately, when the buyer accepted the offer, the delivery was strangely set to 24 hours.

I immediately asked to extend the delivery to the previously agreed time due to this “bug” in the system, but the buyer went straight offline and he didn’t log in since to read my couple of messages.

I also contacted CS the same day to ask them to have a look and extend the order should the buyer be unable to login for some reason, but still, the time is passing and I’m currently late by 12 hours and waiting for anyone to let me know :frowning:

Did you experience something similar? It’s not the first time that happens when I send a custom order :confused: Was your rating affected in the meantime?



Huh, I don’t think I’ve ever had that glitch/bug happen. That is odd. Though… maybe if you clicked out of the box at all, it might have reset the default?

As for statistics, yes this will affect them. Also: If it stands ‘late’ for too long (two days, I think), it will cancel without your input and cause an automatic-one-star.

… When an order is very late, it will automatically be canceled resulting in negative feedback. … Fiverr encourages sellers to deliver on time. However, if it’s not possible, then we recommend using the extended delivery time option offered in the Resolution Center.

(For anyone who comes into this chat with preconceived assumptions, or happens to be looking for information on custom orders: there is a place to mark how many days the project will last, in this case it would have been 21. Setting a calendar date isn’t an option, due to a global market and time-zones.)

Thanks for your answer, I don’t know what to do at this point. I’ve contacted both the customer and CS and they’re not replying. I hope I’ll be able to delete the negative review as it won’t make sense considering the conversation I had with the buyer.
I’m apparently unable to deliver just to get rid of the “late” alert as it’s against TOS, not a clue what’s the solution here