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Bug: Inbox is not working


Hey unfortunately it is no longer possible for me to communicate with the sellers in the inbox for unknown reasons. I can’t answer anymore I can read what is written to me but have no possibility to answer. It would be enormously important to answer because a work is in process. please investigate this problem in my account I assume it is a bug. I hope for a very quick answer.


You should contact customer support for this problem.


how can i contact the customer service i think this is unfortunately not present all problems should be solved via the forum. Need really urgent help that problem is still not fixed.


Here you go


In the meantime, I have received an automated reply that my account has been temporarily blocked. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you why this is being done. The only reason that makes sense is that I told a buyer that it was very difficult to communicate with him because he never answered me properly even though the deal was closed. However, I have always been polite and this should only be a suggestion to improve his service. Well-intentioned feedback. My problem is that I commissioned a video and unfortunately it doesn’t exactly match the storyboard I created. I have only 2 days left to make a change in the order but can’t do this because of the blocking. If an administrator reads this from Fiverr:
I assure you, I am a very sociable user of your platform and will never incur any debts. If I have done anything wrong, I sincerely apologize for it.


This is why you can’t communicate with your buyers.

Only CS can solve your issue.

No CS staff reads the forum, sorry.


it is getting tricky I have only one day left to change my video and am still not approved. how can i get in touch with a responsible person? thank you very much


Try the link @maitasun gave you above, or


Thanks @merciavideo, I didn’t see @lennoy replied.

@lennoy, please do as @merciavideo suggested.