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BUG: Message disappears!


So, this is totally frustrating.

Some of my or my buyer’s messages(not the whole conversation) don’t show on the desktop site.

Sometimes I need to look back for information about the order that my buyer sent me on message, but I don’t see them, so I get stuck.

I’ve been facing this issue for many days till now. I don’t think this is for any “spam” or “filter” because the message didn’t contain any offensive/spammy things.

Although, sometimes after many times of refreshing the page the message shows up but disappears again.

Is anyone else facing this problem?


I got a notification from the app on my phone this morning, and in the notification, I could see the question of the buyer. When I clicked to reply, I could only see the name of the buyer (but not their question) and my textbox for the reply.

Later, logging in on desktop, I saw my reply, but not the buyer´s message either, and it had the “x can´t be contacted…” banner below, as if I had reported it for spam, but I hadn´t (it didn´t look like spam). There is no report button on that page either, as it only shows my reply, but not the message the reply was for.

Generally, there sometimes seem to be messages that won´t show on desktop when I replied to them via app, sometimes it´s hard to find something back because the messages are spread over order page and inbox messages since the UI update where notifications and messages got merged.


That means the buyer’s account has been disabled(most probably). The message was sent to you that was flagged as spam automatically and when a message gets flagged, Fiverr reviews it or sometimes the system deletes the message automatically.

So, my problem seems different. There’s no chance of being flagged.


Oh, I know about the spam messages, most of my tickets to CS are about that since they drop my response rate never mind which of the tips how to treat them I follow.

However, in those cases, the actual message is there. In the case I described, the message is nowhere to be found, so I thought to add this because it´s definitely a bug, and it´s a message that disappeared. Just in case any staff person reads this topic, perhaps it might be some helpful info.


I want to refference this


Just to tell, I also face same problem. Some client message was disappear mystrycally. It really challenging when the important information is gone from inbox message. Some client put important information at private message before making order.


I faced this issue some times. But that situation buyer mentioned Website link or email id. That’s why Fiverr does not display that messages on site or app. You can check that message on Email notification if you already enable it.


That’s really a good solution to this. Thanks a lot.


Excellent solutions @nareshps


Yeah but message doesn’t get mailed when you’re online.
it get’s mailed when you are not responding for some time and i always respond instantly so it’s not of great help.


And they still haven’t fixed this.


I also have this issue! Messages dissapear, sometimes show up again. Annoying…


This still hasn’t been fixed with new chat design and everything. Shame.


I’m only one easy revision away from a final logo design but am having the same issue! My revision request messages just disappears immediately after sending. Meanwhile the clock is on me to respond to the designer! Do i just have to pay for and accept a design I’m not happy with?


Happening with me too, but only in the order conversation page(not in the inbox)


I have to reload the page frequently to see the message