Bug of a Review Option


2 Months ago, A buyer ordered my service. and he just forgot to leave a review. And Today, i reminded him to leave a review. He said that he can’t see an option of “Rate your Experience”. I don’t know why this option disappeared, maybe because of long time. I think this shouldn’t happen.


Buyers have 30 days in which to leave a review. You really message buyers after 2 months to ask for a review?


Buyers can not leave a review after one month. So like @offlinehelpers I am surprised you would contact a buyer to ask for a review, especially after such a long time. I would be a bit afraid of them getting upset because I bothered them and then they could leave me a 1 :star: review. :open_mouth: :wink:


Nope, i asked buyer to leave a review, several times, and he said i’ll leave it. Till then the option was showing. Also, we was happy with the service.


Yes, it should. A while ago, buyers were able to leave a review whenever they wanted, even a year later, and some used it to try to force sellers to work for free (you do as I say, or I will leave you a bad review on that order from 6 months ago).


Well, in that case, I strongly agree with you :slight_smile: