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BUG OF Analytics

My ratings showing “0” But i have not receive any negative feedback from last 3 months. HOW’S THIS POSSIBLE

Anyone experiencing this issue?

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Your last review was “2 months ago”. The text under “Rating” says “over the course of 60 days”, it only shows the last 60 days/2 months. If you get 1 or more new ratings over 4.7 stars in the next days, that percentage will go to 100% again.


So If i do not get any order within 60 days. My rating will show “0” always? And I will get demote for that reason?

This is really s*** rules.

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I didn’t make them, tell that to support. :wink:

No need to work yourself up, though, buyers don’t see your Analytics page, you know. They only see what you see when you look at your profile in Buyer Mode.


Yeah But I will get demoted at Level 1 on the evaluation of month!!

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I don’t know, I never got no order for a whole two months. If that is so, you either need to get someone to buy a gig and leave a good enough review (of course, without asking them to leave a good review as that again is considered review manipulation) or see about solving that issue until the next evaluation, so you get promoted again, your other ratings are all at 100%.
If that is any consolation, many sellers who have been demoted from level 2 to 1 said they didn’t notice any difference in orders, and there even were buyers a few times who posted they thought level 1 is better than level 2 (like No. 1, you know) so maybe it’s not so bad.

Good luck either way, I just wanted to explain to you why the percentage is showing as 0, as you didn’t seem to know, I can’t do anything about the rules, your potential demotion or about you getting buyers who are willing to leave reviews for your deliveries, that’s something you can only take care of yourself.


No, you won’t. Even when your rating is at 0% (because of not having been reviewed in the last 60 days), you won’t get demoted (as long as all the other stats are meeting the requirements).

One way of knowing is to see if any stats are shown in red. If you notice, your rating stat is only shown in grey (despite it being at 0%), which means it will not affect your level.


Hi @creativezoone,

Right now, your overall review rating is 4.9 and the other ones are at 100%. As far as I know and understand, you would only be demoted is it was below 4.7 so I think you have nothing to worry for.

If you will see my stats Level 2 Badge. There is small red point showing. That reflect, My Level will get demote at Lv1

I hope so :slight_smile:

I’m editing as now I understand what you mean by red spot on your Level.

I think it’s only to show the level you’re currently on.

Since I have not experienced this situation myself, I can only tell what other people who have been in this exact same situation have experienced. And they had confirmed that it didn’t affect their level.

If that was the case, the accounts of Fiverr users who are inactive for longer than 2 months would gradually decay and demote to level zero. But that’s not the case. I have come across many users who are still level 2 despite not having delivered any order in the last 1 year.


Maintain a 4.7 star rating, over the course of 60 days”

I think that the explanation under “Rating” is clear enough, at least for me, and your rating is 4.9 :thinking:

I see the red dot has something inside it. Have you tried pressing on it to see if it says something?

Yes, This message is coming :thinking:

Can you transcribe the text please? I can’t read it :frowning_face:

We’ve recorded a drop in your performance. Please review your sales below and act accordingly, to avoid a level demotion. Your next evaluation. Nov 15, 2018


Thanks @hassnainali :smiley:

I think this is an automated message given by the system whenever it detects some kind of anomally - which in this case could be not having any sale during a certain period of time - so that the seller can be aware of, look upon and take action.

Maybe I’m wrong - and I hope not - but as I said, I don’t really think this would influence the OP’s level - unless Fiverr has changed its evaluation method - since the review rate has been kept along the 60 days period.

Nowhere does it say that the rate is below 4.7 or 0 as the OP stated in the opening comment. If you look the bar graph, it keeps the 4.9 review rate that the OP has because this rate is a lifetime rate and that’s the one that should be kept above 4.7 in order to not be demoted.

In any case and to guarantee the seller’s peace of mind, the OP can just make 1 sale before the 15th in order to the system detect it and bring back that marker to green.

@creativezoone come back and let us know what happened after St. Level’s Day.


For some unknown reason, I remembered this thread from a week ago. I was sooo curious about what happened to the seller’s level after the SLD and so, I decided to update the thread myself (before the OP could do so) lol :rofl:

Lemme just refresh your memory of what this thread is about lol

The seller had a rating of “zero” during the evaluation period of 60 days prior to SLD (as a result of not having received any review/rating during that time period) and was wondering if they would lose their level 2 status cuz of that.

I visited the seller’s profile today (17th November, 00:40 GMT) to see if they were able to retain their seller level, and, from the looks of it, they have been able to retain their level 2 status :white_check_mark: :tada:


Thank you for your message. It’s good to know that simply not getting reviews, or getting enough of them of a certain amount, will not affect our level.

This seller maintained their level 2 status in spite of zero reviews in the last 60 days. So you could get no sales, or only a very few sales, and maintain your level.

Of course one bad review, or one cancellation, would make you lose a level.

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