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BUG on " GIG UPDATE " - New updated DELIVERY time is not displaying

Hello! I’d like to clarify that i did already contact the SUPPORT team, but i’d like to know how many of you are experiencing my same issue.

I can not UPDATE some gigs! I keep change the delivery time but (even waiting the 24h) The time doesn’t change! This is hurting a little my business because i changed it in a time where i was under pressure with a dozen and over of orders in queue. Now i did realize the time was set in long term, something that i was sure to have changed alredy a lot of weeks ago!but it seems not. So i changed it again, and again and again but it never display my update.

Someone else?

There’s a problem with updating gigs in general (I’ve seen several users complaining about it in the forum, and I’ve experienced it myself), so the issue you’re having could be a part of that.

Here’s what seems to work: when you update your gig, also change the gig title, then save the updated gig. When you confirm that all the changes were saved properly, you can change the title back to what you want it to be.