Bug on online status


Hey everyone,

I am facing a problem these days. My gigs are disappearing when searching for online sellers. Also not showing online status on gig page even though I was online for hours.

I am not receiving orders now because of this… Too bad :disappointed_relieved:

I sent a ticket to CS but nothing happen so far

Any one facing this issue???


I have faced the same issue :wink: I see my gig on search in a good position, but when I click Online sellers filter I cannot find my gig. Though I’m happy with current state that’s why I didn’t contact with CS. But I’m very interested to know what they reply. Please let me know CS said on your reply.


This is the reply after I sent a screenshot

Hi Anu,

Thanks for the screenshot. I’m creating a technical ticket for our Fiverr Tech Team. They will review your support request ticket #1958447 and work on resolving the issue for you. This may take some time to resolve on our end, but we will keep you updated on their progress.

Once the issue is resolved, one of our support team members will update this request with the feedback received from our tech team. Thanks for your patience with this technical issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Are you okay with this? I think buyers are ignoring my gigs because I am offline. Only BR works for me now!!!


did your issue resolve???


This is an old post. If you type “bug in online status” in the search bar above you will find that this is an ongoing intermittent problem.


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Please STOP digging up these old threads. You’ve copied & pasted the same thing in multiple threads.