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Bug on Pending Clearance Page

Please check pending_clearance page. There i found a bug. page not showing properly…


Wow, that’s still messed up.

Reply to @kay2809: Yes… for a security reason… i did not share screenshot of that bug coz there showing my transaction’s ID… I hope Fiverr support will fix it soon

I’ve got the same problem - very frustrating!

My Pending Clearance page is messed up too. And I think I was supposed to have about $75 in my account yesterday than I do, and I can’t verify it because of the bug. I hope fiverr knows about this and is fixing it. Is contacting Customer Support the correct avenue for help with this?

I have some problem with funds earned this month. It is showing more than I earned. Anyone else with incorrect statistics?

Nope, maybe funds cleared this month for the jobs done in previous months

I just sent Customer Support a request with a screenshot of my “wonky” Pending Clearance page that keeps repeating itself–and seems to be missing some revenue too. I’ll let you all know what I find out, if I can.

Reply to @writerlisaz: Do you have extra revenues or less ? I have got extra as compared to my own records. This started 3 days ago.

My revenue page is blank for titles. And pending clearance doesn’t even format, just internal xml data without format. UGH.

Reply to @kay2809: I appear to have less. At least you got the better deal! :slight_smile:

Mine is fixed now - THANKS!

I just see that fiverr fixed that issue… actually there had wrong linking for fiverr’s update… Now its working nicely.

Previous link was :

Correct Link :

There had “sales_json” on the link. that’s why we saw the json output of the data… :stuck_out_tongue: It was simple bug.

I got a reply from Customer Service and my account appears to be fine now. Relief!