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Bug on the new review submitting form!


I am a seller here on Fiverr. i have just noticed a problem with an order.

the buyer requested a revision on the order ! after he did that he directly reviewed the order (i didn’t know that was possible) without me delivering the order again to him.
the review is submitted on my profile but the order is not yet completed.

How is that possible? i think there is a bug on the new reviewing form !


When the review is submitted the order is then complete.

So you have a completed order now.

Of course you can still do the revision as a courtesy to the buyer but the review makes the order complete no matter when it is done.


Thank you for your replay @misscrystal

I understand. but there is no option where i can review back on the buyer’s review.
the order now is considered as REJECTED !
is that normal ?


Did he request it through the “request modification” button, or just asked you to revise?

Sorry, we were typing at the same time. Since

it looks like he did click on the “request modification” button, and he shouldn’t have been able to leave a review.

I’ve seen other complaints on the forum that the status of the order is Delivered, and yet the buyer left a review.

Definitely looks like a bug, and it looks like your case is not the only one. Have you reported it to Customer Support? If not, it might be a good idea to do it.


Oh I see! That’s a serious bug.


Is this order still in “active” orders ?


That’s a question for @sifdin17 :slight_smile:.


Yes. Sorry catwriter. I made a mistake !


Thank you @catwriter . i will report that to them and see if they can fix it.


i delivered the order again so now it is in the DELIVERED section after it was in the ACTIVE .