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BUG - Orders in queue pluralization mistake

I currently have one order in my queue. But in my gig page it’s showing “1 Orders in Queue” under title. But it should be “1 Order in Queue”. It’s a simple if-else condition check can be done by JavaScript easily. Even I need only 3 minutes to fix it.


Is this your biggest problem you have in life?

There is nothing wrong with their phrasing it “1 Orders in Queue”.



Isn’t it a grammatical error though? If so they should really fix it.

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It is not the only one and they have like 20-30 all over the site.
Not something they will make effort to change.


They should fix way more other more important things, like analysis page earnings displayed wrong, “earned in month” on dashboard displayed incorrectly etc. I care much more for those than for “1 orders in queue”.

@bdzinia did you actually reached out to support to report that bug?


I agree they should fix other things like those (and the test name that shows blank on profiles). But with this, like the OP said, it could probably be done very easily, like just adding around a small line of code. While it’s not that serious it should be an easy fix and will make the site look more professional (probably for buyers as well as sellers if the same thing happens on the buying page).

Maybe you’re right they should fix the more important things first, but it would probably only take a couple of seconds to add the line of code to this and not much more to test it.

They write it correctly in the gig packages section for “revision” vs “revisions”.

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Not a problem at all in my life. Just to notify.

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No, I didn’t know support team has an option for reporting bugs :slight_smile: