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Bug, paid for custom offer 5 times, cancelation from 100% to 95%


What a ride. Ok, so my lovely repeat buyer did absolutely nothing wrong, he didn’t order by mistake (which I see happens a lot) or nothing of that sort.

I sent him the custom offer and he was trying to pay (actually, quite a few buyers told me payment didn’t go through right away recently, is it just me???), he got a notification saying ‘payment is taking too long’ so he refreshed it a few times which resulted in 5 orders placed instead of one. (Mind you it wasn’t gigs from my page, it was a custom offer that just cannot be ordered second or third time on Fiverr). I contacted CS immediately, he did as well and a few hours later I saw 4 of the orders got cancelled by CS. However, my cancellation rate dropped from 100% to 95%. It’s fine because I have delivered enough orders in the last 60 days but I’m planning to take a few weeks off soon and I’m afraid that after that I won’t have enough completed orders to balance those out…

What’s the verdict so far, do CS cancellations matter towards exposure/levels or not? :frowning:

Seller declined my dispute

Unfortunately all cancelled orders even by CS count. It’s going to take some careful calculations on your part to see if you will have enough orders to make it not matter that you had the cancellations.

This is one of the injustices built into the level system which depends entirely on what our analytics show.


Got a reply from CS:

“I am sorry to hear about this. We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided and are no fault of the seller. Currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations and in the near future, this may be updated. Fraudulent orders are determined by our Fraud and Risk Teams and are not subject to be altered by Customer Support. Additionally, they will remain in your analytics. We are here if you need any further assistance. Best regards.”

Sooo basically, you can work as hard as you want, bring all your stats to 100% (mine were all 100 + all 5 star +2h response time), and then one bug like that can screw it all up… :smiley: this is absolutely insane. I was ok with one or two cancellations caused by buyer once in a while but 4 AT A TIME!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

I don’t even care about the levels, it’s my gigs place in a search that worries me, anyhow, considering leaving this platform because of too much unfairness. I earn steady 300$+ in those 20% every month for them so seeing how they don’t care is really frustrating.

Thank you for the rant…


Thank you for your reply, should probably treat Fiverr more like a game rather than steady income source. For platform dealing with money and taking decent share of our earnings it’s very irresponsible and untrustworthy :slight_smile: I’ll just break my big orders into a few smaller ones to boost up the number I guess.


All I can do is sympathise and hope they get this fixed sooner rather than later. :sunny:


Sorry to hear about this - that situation is a nightmare, which unfortunately, most of us on here can relate to!

I had the same response from CS, word for word. A cut and paste job! I had to cancel an order right before evaluation day through no fault of my own, as the buyer was being an absolute nutjob, but it’ll still reflect poorly on us.

I challenged them about this and pointed out that it can’t be a ‘one size fits all’ resolution, as there are too many variables in any given situation. More cut and paste ensued.

I hope that you get an avalanche of orders to cancel out the cancellations! :vulcan_salute:


Thank you for kind words! I know I’m not the first or the last one… I’ve had one or two silly cancellations now and then and I managed to accept it as a flaw but this time it’s 4 at once and it wasn’t even buyers fault , just a bug of the website… So frustrated … I really hope they will do something about it soon, all these ‘new sellers’ with 1000+ reviews on the first page start to look kinda funny :smiley: