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Bug/Problem: I cannot message a buyer because they are always "sleeping"


A buyer has recently messaged me under the username of *********** . She asked me if “[I] [was] there,” and I tried to reply but I couldn’t because it said it was night time where she lived. Her profile says she lives in the United States as I do as well. I am inferring she has accidentally turned it on and forgot to switch it off. I need this buyer and I want to communicate with them through another source if possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ways I can contact her? Or any advice if you will.
My username is thegoodart if that helps.

Mod Note: Username removed.


You can reply to a buyer’s message whether they’re shown as being online or not.

Please remove the buyer’s name form your post - thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

No - stick to Fiverr messaging.