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BUG: (Replicated) Lists created on Mobile do not appear on Desktop

I am looking to hire someone and have verified that my account on Mobile and Desktop are indeed one and the same (same email address etc). I have further logged-out of desktop, then logged-in using Google authentication, then logged-out and back in using standard username/email and password to authenticate. Same username. Same email address on mobile and desktop.

Indeed, the list I made last night on mobile, which still appears there, does NOT appear on Desktop. This is very frustrating!


Yes, I have noticed this as well. It is quite annoying. On one of my laptops, the lists made on mobile do not show up; however, they do on my other one. Very strange.


Same, here are more details on the repro steps to hopefully help Fiverr fix the issue.

Repro steps:

  • Log on the same account on both Fiverr mobile app on Android and on the website on a computer.
  • Create a new list in the mobile app
  • Add gigs to that list on mobile app
  • Observe that the new list doesn’t exist on the website version of the site.
  • Observe that lists created on the website will appear on both platforms correctly.

Expectation: lists are properly shared between mobile app and website.

Same here… does any body from fiverr monitors the bug reports?