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Bug shows the wrong calculated Amount

I made an offer to a client for 60 USD, He Accepted But because of some Bug It show 5 USD just on my side


How is that possible ?
Can you share a screen shot of offer you shared and screen shot of order page after buyer accepted ?



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You can see, That’s the only place it shows 60 other than that it shows 5 even on mobile app

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you can see in the screenshot

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Was it a custom offer or a order from the gig package?

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It was a custom offer

Check your expected earnings…how much that shows ?

PS : Never show buyer’s name in screen shots !

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It register’s as 5 there too

You better reach out to Fiverr CS with all the screen shots asap !

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Could You guide me on how to do that ?

Go to your Order page
On right hand side you will see a button - > Visit the resolution center
At bottom you will see a link of CUSTOMER SUPPORT, click there and open a ticket…

or you can directly email them at

Add your order ID , the one that start with # on order page…and share them screen shots


Please report this to CS using email and be serious about this. This is a bug that happened to me as well in order, I send extra to client and it was 75$ but he got 45$ and paid before I could cancel.

Something is wrong in the system. I have my ticket open with technical team for over a week now.


So, did they Fix it or you are stilling having this issue

Thank You very much for your Help

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No, it was not fixed. Buyer got away with 35$ less paid.

They asked me to test it again on new order but I cant ask new clients to “test” is the site working.

Didn’t fiverr compensate you for the amount you lost ?

No, seller noticed the amount is not as per our agreement and promised to pay in tips, but he never went back online after delivery, it was auto accepted.

That’s a serious issue !
If your order was showing you multiple amounts like the on in op’s screen shot, you could have asked fiverr to compensate and there are chances you may get paid the original amount !

Why is Such a Big website having these type of simple Mathematic issues?