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Bug that should be fixed!


Where is the mistake below? It is “10offers left today”, but not “10 offers left today”. I think it will be easily fixed, but it is annoying me every time I go to buyer requests. SOMEONE WHO HAS ACCES TO THE ADMIN OF FIVERR (FIVERR BUILDERS) SHOULD FIX IT!


Does it look alright when the number of offers available reduces to 9?

If it does, there’s your problem solved! :slight_smile:


No, there is again the same bug!


Maybe better report it to Customer Services?


Same kind of bug is there on app in “Available Funds”. There’s not a space between ‘Funds’ and the $ sign.


Why are you blushing that much while reporting a bug? :confused:


That’s very clever how you did that.


It is something that should be sorted, but the amount of downtime Fiverr takes to solve seemingly simple problems leaves us all wondering ‘is it worth is?’


It’s been like that for weeks!