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Bug to save a Gig

Hello, I think I have a bug to save my Gig.

The error is “no need to include the famous ‘I will’ in your title. We do that for free…” and i don’t have “i will” in my title, here’s it’s my package :

And my title it’s “(I will) do plugins for your minecraft server” but the I will was already basic and i couldn’t remove it !

Edit : here’s my title :

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“continuous” isn’t allowed - all gigs have to be 30 days or less.

“unlimited revisions” is asking for trouble - put a limit on those.

Title should be “your minecraft server” not “you minecraft server”

You may have to pass a test to be able to offer any kind of plugin … and see all those red wavy lines in the package titles? That’s probably where the issue lies.

Try this: basic - a simple plugin; standard - a simple plugin plus 5 revisions; premium - Up to 10 plugins

Take out all the “I” and “you”, make it more formal …


Hey !

Thanks you and the red lines it’s normal, i’m french and my computer d’ont understand english ahah !

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