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Bug: [Translation Gigs] Disappeared from filter search results

I have created this topic to let other users who stopped receiving orders from new buyers know that perhaps they have also faced the same problem.

Approximately a week ago I noticed that I didn’t receive any messages as well as orders from new clients. So, after a quick investigation I have found out that my gig didn’t appear when I used search filters (Refine Results) see the screenshot .

Having contacted a customer support (at first some misunderstanding happened, so they told me that everything is all right) they answered that I should wait until my problem will be solved. And so I have been waiting for a week already, and nothing has changed. New gigs of other buyers appear, some gigs change their position. My question is how long should I wait? Also, I want to add that I have already faced the same problem before and the customer support has successfully resolved it almost the same day.


I had the same issue and spent a month arguing with CS about it.
I discovered that the translation pairs setting had been removed from all gig metadata and that was why I wasn’t showing up. Eventually they brought it back and I told CS they need to contact all translators and tell them to check their metadata as mine and one other translator I know had their translation pairs removed. Unfortunately they havent done so…
I wrote about it here:

Go into your gig settings and select your language pairs. I can see that you haven’t set yours (or they were wiped like mine were) as they are not beside your gig description - check mine to see what I mean:


Thanks a lot for your help! I haven’t noticed my translation pairs have been removed. I have fixed it and hope everything will be all right. :smiley:


It took a day or two for mine to come back - same as any edit - but its been fine since

I edited the title to try attract other translators who are having the same problem.

Sure ), do what you think is right if it helps other users of this platform.