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Bug when i try to create the description

Hello, I am trying to create my Fiverr account. I am experiencing a bug that is blocking my progress:

With each new concert creation, step 3, the description and the FAQ do not work. Indeed, as soon as I try to write, or to copy and paste my text, everything is invisible and erased, it is impossible for me to write anything and I therefore remain stuck in my progression.

Does anyone have the same problem or a solution?

thank you in advance


Try to log out and close all the pages and then open the draft gigs. It may help you :slight_smile:

thank you but i already try this :frowning:

Are you receiving any error messages?

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Non je ne reçois rien les lettres s’effacent juste instantanément

il faut changer de navigateur internet EX: je suis passer de chrome à internet exploreur