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Bug with Response Time

Today, I observed a bug in my profile. My response time changed from 2 hours to 1 day in pc and 26 hours in mobile app directly. I have replied to every inquiries I had and even in the lasts few days I had just 1 inquiry to which I replied in 2 hours. I get online on Fiverr daily for 4-5 hours, so there isn’t any chance that I have missed a single inquiry and have not replied. Also my inbox is not showing any new inquiry from the buyers. How can this sudden jump in response time occur?
Has anyone else facing the same problem?


Your response time wouldn’t be affected if you completely missed a message (didn’t reply to it at all). But your response rate would reduce if you didn’t reply to one within 24 hours (assuming nothing else affects it to make it go up like orders going out of the 60 day window that you hadn’t replied to).

The 26 hour response rate seems like what it actually thinks it is (the 1 day will be 26 hours rounded to whole days. After around 24 hours it will show it rounded to days on the public profile on the desktop).

If you’ve checked the response date and time of your messages and you still think the avg. response time is incorrect you could contact CS through the helpdesk for them to check and fix if it’s incorrect.