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Bug with verifying my phone number

Already off to a bad start…can’t even get a gig due to a system bug with verifying my phone number. I just created my account but I can not finish it because they said their system does not see my phone number is valid.

I’ve been using this number for 11 years which in itself is impressive and have NEVER run into this problem in my life! I am not about to just change a number EVERYTHING is literally connected to because one single platform says there is something wrong with it.

I currently have a ticket open and am awaiting some kind of fix, but I wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue before? I am in Canada and my provider is Koodo.

It just gives me a sour taste for fiverr right away and now I am pretty nervous about using this platform even IF they will even accept my number.


It appears to happen to many new Sellers.

You’ve done the right thing by opening a ticket.

Let Fiverr CS sort it out for you and you’ll be in business in no time!

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I feel better knowing that this is something others have run into before. I will wait and hope they can help me out. I am sure they will be able to as it is valid.

I want to use this platform because I like the gig system vs. a bidding system so I am hopeful fiverr will work for me.

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Don’t worry dude! Message Fiverr support it’ll reply I’m sure and btw you can’t add your number where? Can you be more specific?

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Let us know if they fix it for you or offer a workaround?

(There’s a weird one that’s basically: enter the number with the row above the keyboard in desktop mode, rather than the number pad or on mobile.)

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I just made an account and I am trying to verify my phone number.

They got back to me this morning but it was just saying why it would reject it (even though none of those reasons are the case) and asked for my number and provider. I have been awaiting a reply since.

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I will definitely post it when they offer a fix. Hopefully it is soon!

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I am still awaiting a reply from them…

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SOLVED! Customer support finally got back to me this morning and my phone number is now verified. If this happens, it is just a matter of contacting customer support. They took a couple days but the problem is now resolved. :slight_smile: