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Bug within "Create an Offer"

Side Note: I am using the Chrome Browser on desktop when this occurs, I have not attempted it in other browsers.

My Issue:

  1. I am chatting to a client within the chat window.
  2. I click on “Create an Offer” button. The “Create a Custom Offer” window pops up.
  3. While I am typing in the “Create a Custom Offer” text field for “Describe Your Offer”, IF the client is still sending you messages in the background, the text that I am typing within the “Describe Your Offer” box ends up jumping to the “text field” within the chat window.

This is annoying because when the Client keeps sending you messages, it keeps interrupting you from writing a description within the “Create a Custom Offer” description box.

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Yep, happens all the time, here.

One of the ten or so things about that whole ‘floating window’ idea that doesn’t work for me.

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Yes it makes it difficult.

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At least I am not the only way experiencing this! :smiley:

Yes it does! It is annoying -_-