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Bug-Workaround for Buyer's name in BR showing only in App but not on Desktop


For those who’d like to see the names of buyers in BR on desktop.

copy the BR text including the icon of the buyer, paste it into your windows texteditor (I suppose Mac or Linux one will work too) and voilà, the name of the buyer instead of the symbol.

Pasting it into a PM reply box if you’re logged into the forum anyway works too and may be faster for some. :wink:


Yaas! Thanks for the tip :hugging:


OMG Genius. Thank you. But they should show it in the site as well as they show it in the app. i once sent a request to a buyer, he contacted me and I refused as we didn’t agree on the price. Then again he posted request and I sent offer to the same person. and he again contacted me :joy: :joy: :joy:
So it would be good enough if they start showing it one the site as well.
@miiila Thanks for the awesome tip.


Lol, good story. But yes, they should work on all the bugs. :slight_smile:


ohh got to know some new thing…thanks for sharing this…:slight_smile:

I don’t know why web portal doesn’t display the buyers name like we can see buyers name and profile while using the app?