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Buged and Unfair Buyer review

I have failed to Deliver an order to my buyer, so he cancelled his order, but I was surprised when he wrote a REVIEW about his order, he gave me a 1 STAR rating and commented that his order was delivered late. but the fact was I have’nt Deliver any product to him at all, How come this happend? is this even Possible? he just Cancelled the order and then wrote a review about it. I think this is so unfair.

Please check my profile and see it on my Gig, Look at the very first rating at my gig.

He didn’t write a review, he did a forced cancellation, Fiverr wrote a review.

When you’re late, Fiverr will send your buyer an e-mail, then he has the option of cancelling the order immediately.

That is why being late is a terrible thing for sellers.

you can’t remove this review… :-((

Welcome to the club brother!!
Buyers should understand sometimes it is difficult for us (while Living in 3rd world country) to deliver the work exact on time because of many reasons, specially NO INTERNET connectivity.
Buyers should ask or at least gave us some time to wrote our reason before giving us the bad review.

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Unfortunately, if you did not deliver on time, I believe this review will remain there ad-infinitum. We had a buyer once who requested a job that we told them we could not complete without violating the Fiverr TOS. After continually refusing our mutual cancellation requests, they finally cancelled the order themselves, and were left with this terrible feedback.

In this case, we contacted Fiverr Customer Support, they investigated and sided with us, then promptly removed the negative feedback. Needless to say, we were very relieved!

Same thing happend to me . today i got a one start review my buyer just cancel the order but my buyer is my support . my buyer is also post a ticket regarding this issue i also posted a ticket . my buyer also wrote clear messages in the conversation that she does not want this review … also contact to fiverr support on my behalf … so why this is happend ? its mean cancellation of the order always had a negative review ??? please i am veyr confused on this anybody solve my problem and answer me thank you

Sheriff’s Note: @pintoo0 addressed in another thread here: so no replies needed.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: ohh… is there any way I could get rid of this?

Reply to @godbendz: You can write to customer service, but I think that review will be there forever. The other option is to delete that gig and create a new one.

Frankly, this is the reason you’re not getting enough orders: “6 Days On Average.”

Most people don’t want to wait 6 days, so try this title:

I will create a POWTOON Video Presentation in 3 Days for $5

And make sure you deliver ahead of time. If something is due in 24 hours, that’s when you should do it. If you’re not busy, do it before.

Reply to @quickjobdone: no, that is the responsibility of the seller. If you cannot deliver the work by the due date, then you need to send a message to the buyer before the order deadline date is to let them know that you cannot do it and is ok if you need one or two extras days and if not, then you are happy to refund the order now. Sure a buyer may understand if a family emergency comes up or someone gets stick, but if they are buying a gig from you they expect that you know how to manage your time in general, but if something does come up the seller needs to contact the buyer.

If no internet connectivity is a problem, then make sure your delivery time has more days in it than you need, that way if you have a problem with the internet it will not matter so much.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thank you so much for that suggestion, I will definitely try that :slight_smile:

Reply to @quickjobdone: I totally I agree with that :smiley:

Reply to @godbendz: Happy to hear that, let me know how it works out.