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Buggy Messaging System

What’s the point of a report button if the messages still keep getting through? Seriously!

Yesterday, I got spammed by a seller who wanted me to consider him when I got overbooked (as if). I told him I wasn’t a buyer (typically) and then I kindly told him what he was doing was spam and could get his messaging privileges revoked. He started claiming he was in the right and everybody does it… blah, blah, blah.

I don’t care!

I reported the first message as spam, and Fiverr’s system keeps bringing it back. Come on. Well. sometime during the night, while I slept, another message of his came through: “I’m waiting on your reply”.

When I clicked on it to get rid of it, Fiverr’s system said it marked spam and that he wouldn’t be able to contact me. like it did yesterday. So, just HOW did that message come through then Fiverr… really?

This time, I just hit Delete!

I’m sure though this won’t be the last time I hear from this seller.

Most sellers, I have no issue with in letting them know, that what they’re doing is considered spam and could result in them getting into trouble with Fiverr. This buyer, and I hate to say this, is a Pakistani and is under the impression that he can do no wrong. Even funnier. He’s got no listed gigs and has a 1-star rating.

What makes you think I’m going to give you an order if you have:

1 - no gigs
2 - a 1-star rating


I’m done… back to work I go now! I have so much to get done before I get this dreaded phone call from my dad… any day now unfortunately.

Also why when you report them does you number still tank for not responding? I am not sure my numbers will ever recover.

Yeah, I had a persistent one last night. Wonder if it’s the same one? I just told him I would report him to Fiverr Trust and Safety dept. if he continued to contact me. He stopped after that.

It would not surprise me if it were to be honest.