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Buggy "Pending Clearance"?

Anyone able to answer how my pending clearance could say one thing, but when I click into it it reflects a different balance? Thinking this glitched up a bit. Probably going to send a ticket to CS if they have any input. This is a bit weird, and I feel like some of the money “pending clearance” has exceeded over 18 days. Is it possible to see a higher pending clearance but not actually see that in the actual pending clearance area? Seems fishy to me.

@peipei I am a little hesitant to take the “next step” in Fiverr and expand my services and market them if the site keeps getting buggier and buggier. Kind of disappointing as it’s an easy to get exposure to market. You would think something like that would be a tad bit more priority.

Hello, I am seeing the same problem along with many others. They say they are trying to work on this issue. I have many orders that should have completed 2 weeks ago and the pending clearance page is completely off. All we can do is wait. :frowning: