Buggy response rate: does it now take 24 hours to refresh?


I’ve been dealing with this bug for a long time but now when my response rate dropped was told it takes 24 hours to update after they refresh it.

Is this something new? It always refreshed immediately before.


Thanks for contacting us. Your response rate stat has been refreshed. Please allow at least 24 hours for the system to process this. Thanks!



This is indeed new - refreshing was always done in the blink of an eye, and I, myself, have gone through months of weekly CS tickets asking them to refresh it after suddenly going down for no reason whatsoever.

Seems it has stopped on my end a while ago, though :eyes:

I suspect they’re still trying to find a fix for the bug, and in the meantime they’ve also found a solution to take some of the effort from the CS team with this 24h note.


It’s more important now to have it refresh immediately since people can lose a level because of it.

So far it’s been 15 hours since I contacted support about it but no change.


It’s been about 24 hours now and it still has not refreshed. I admit to being a little perplexed about this.

Has anyone else asked for their response rate to be refreshed lately?


Now I was told that I had missed a message in December but my response rate was on 100% when it dropped to 99%. I’m frustrated. The response rate really needs work.

I cannot see when I miss a message. I look at my inbox many times a day trying to keep it at 100%. I again looked at messages from the end of December and still don’t see any I missed.