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Bugs, Bugs and a Lot of Bugs!

It’s has been painful to deliver orders in the past couple of weeks, and most of the problems lie in the bugs that I encounter on daily basis. Currently, I have two bugs that make my deliveries a lot harder than it should be.

1. Disappearing files after delivery.

I get this bug, on every 3-4 orders, and I need to redeliver, or in some cases, the buyer would tell me that I haven’t sent the files, and what happened. I know many of you got this bug too. It makes us look a bit unprofessional.

Fix: Upload the files in a dropbox library too, and attach the link to the order. I don’t do this, as there is no watermark on my designs. However, it might be useful for other types of work like word documents, spreadsheets, and similar.

2. Files not uploading.

I get this bug on every order possible, and it takes up to ten minutes to upload a file even though the file is small in size, and my upload speed is faster. The worst part is when I need to upload the source files of my designs which sometimes can be in larger sizes - those are always stuck from the beginning, and in case the buyer had purchased the source file extra, I can’t deliver the order.

Fix: Use Dropbox again, but it isn’t a great solution, as you lose the protection that Fiverr places (watermarks, and the option for the source files to be downloaded only after the order is marked as completed).

3. Not able to download a stock photo through the order page.

Well, this is a bug, that only one other person mentioned on the forum, which was confirmed by customer support. They said that all of the buyers would be reimbursed the fee of the stock photo, after the delivery is marked as completed - without further explanation. It troubles me, as iStock has an awesome collection of photos, and I need to use other alternatives to get stock photos, however, those sites have limited libraries.

Fix: None

4. Sometimes not getting notifications on the app.

In some cases, the app doesn’t send me all of the message notifications. I am not sure if this is a bug, or it’s due to some other issue in my phone’s OS.

I know that the devs are working on fixing those bugs. Also, there were other bad changes in the UI, which I would discuss in a different thread, as they are somewhat puzzling.


I am fortunate to not have had any of these issues, and I am hoping to avoid them. :crossed_fingers: However, I am sorry you are dealing with these issues. :confused:


There is no option for the source file in the delivery form

what to do?how to upload work?


Exactly same issue with my self…


Tell me about it, had to go to a doctor cause of all the stress these bugs have been causing


Are you better now? :thinking:


I guess this is the reason for the upcoming maintenance :wink:

There are so many bugs that they probably can’t keep up fixing them, so they probably take everything down to fix the bugs without much stress :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. Here are a few more.

  1. You can’t edit a gig as it shows error.
  2. Gigs Favorite count is showin up as 0 for all gigs.
  3. Also, I opened a gig that has 600+ reviews but not even a single review is showing on the gig page. I guess, multiple issues have already been created before Fiverr Scheduled Maintenance is started…
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I also have the same issue. File which size is only few kylobytes uploading too long or not uploading at all

I have the same problem with number 3. Are yours fixed?

It wasn’t on my gig but I saw on another seller’s gig.

Can’t we just fumigate Fiverr and kill all the bugs?:grin::grin:

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Also try viewing couple of gigs in multiple pages, browser will stop working and appears to be issue in Fiverr URL

:rofl: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl: