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Bugs bugs and more bugs


does fiverr have a thousand bugs or something, my response rate has not increased once in a months even though i get back to messages within a good time frame, sent an order 6 days ago still not automatically marked complete, notifications not showing up and to top it off all my orders dont show in dashboard and havent since summer 2017, have used different browers, different laptops and done everything, have contacted support several times but they are NO help at all, might as well not have any customer support. im getting really frustrated.


Response rate is known to do that! You should contact customer support again and ask them to correct your response rate, if you’re 100% sure it’s wrong. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to affect you in any way even if it’s low. Except if it dips crazy low! :grimacing:

Haven’t heard about orders not completing, though! Sounds like the system still thinks it’s not delivered. Something also support could check for you. But you can also try delivering it again and wait 3 days more.

Invisible orders are a nuisance, and nothing has been done about it! They do however appear in your manage orders page, or at least should do! So should check there every few days.

Would have recommended to change browser, but if you have done so already, then it’s definitely on Fiverr’s end! :disappointed: