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Bugs in message land [was: Fiverr app 3 minutes slower than desktop site?]

Is it just me? Cause I can be sitting with wifi enabled, right next to the router and app is still 3 minutes slower than desktop.

My app experience is generally inaccurate even after refresh.

For example, last night I had just lay down, and I heard the new message noise. Sometimes I hear it when its not there, lol… sooo. I look at my app, no message, refresh app, even shut down and restart app, still no message.

3 minutes later there is the message in my phone app (no beep this time because I turned notifications off).

My experience with the app has not been the best. Am I the only one? or does everyone have a similar experience?


I don’t use the app, but today the notifications on the desktop site are slower than usual (for example, a buyer messages me, I’m on the site already so the notification should be instant, but it appears after 6 minutes or so).

Perhaps they’re changing something again?

oh yes, well, that’s another story. I don’t know if this is what you’re talking about, but when in a message with a buyer, the conversation doesn’t update instantly. I often have to refresh the page to see buyers immediate response (which often lites up the message bubble or there’s some other way I know they’ve messaged me if I’m paying direct attention.)

A similar issue is when I respond to buyer, sometimes my message appears as though I sent before them, until I refresh and its properly ordered by time.

I’ve not bothered to report this kinda stuff to CS, because it was all I could do to stay on top of my account and start getting enough ratings to make it easier for a buyer to choose me.

Now that I’m in the groove, or at least seen some progress, I’m starting to get curious about some of these oddities regarding the behavior of fiverr applications.

There’s that, too (the conversation not updating instantly, messed up times). My issue is similar: I’m on the main site, but not on the conversation page, and the red dot appears several minutes after the buyer messaged me.

And now, I’ve received a new order, the red dot appeared, but the notification about it doesn’t show anywhere on the list (the dashboard, the messages). The order is on the order list (Selling) and I can work on it, but it looks like notifications are messed up, so it doesn’t surprise me that they don’t work well with the app, either.

Or maybe they are two separate issues, with the similar result: the notifications don’t work properly no matter what you use.

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yeah, but it keeps us sharp! :sunny:

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Sharp and annoyed! :smile_cat:


I just got modification request. Although, it came to my email, I can’t see it on website. Unless I go order page and find that order. There wasn’t any notification or anything at all. I could easily missed it if I didn’t get email about it.


The app is currently annoying the heck out of me :angry:. I too am noticing notifications about 3 minutes late, but also… if I respond to queries/new orders on my laptop they don’t register as responded to on my app.

In addition, laptop or app, I keep getting notifications to let the buyer know I have everything I need…LONG after, I have already responded.

I feel like it’s messing with my response rate:



Nope, your mind isn’t playing tricks on you.

The app is slower than molasses :turtle: if we’re comparing to :computer: desktop.

I just replied to messages/delivered orders via desktop. However, the app is telling me, I’ve got X amount of messages and orders. Like, really?! Clicked on it and nothing is there. So, yeah a little annoyed! :confounded:



For me the app works fine unless I’m also signed in on my laptop. Then for some reason it doesn’t properly sync or it doesn’t understand when I’ve already read the message on one of the devices.

Also I did notice that for me the iOS app works better, but not flawlessly.

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I’ve noticed a lot of “good enough” features that don’t ever seem to get perfected. That’s the interesting thing about all of the new beta features and how the system gets toyed with. The old updates aren’t finished yet!

Yes,Maybe they are changing something because my new notification shows wrong time.
It says 40 minutes ago for a new notification

The notification probably showed up by now, mine was almost an hour late. :stuck_out_tongue: