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Bugs in searches - even after 1 year from Fiverr 3.0 release


If you search for “soundcloud” on Fiverr and select High Rating, then first 8 results are occupied by gigs with 1 to 11 reviews. From the 9th place are listed gigs that have a few tens or hundreds of reviews.

I’m sure that a Fiverr staff member will argue that searches are OK, even if the math says that one hundred of reviews is bigger than 1 review…


But it says high “rating” it does not say high “quantities” of reviews


As a seller you get ratings from buyers, not quantities of ratings…

I’m shocked by the thinking way of some people…

whitehatseo10 said: As a seller you get ratings from buyers, not quantities of ratings...
In my opinion, you get a rating from reviews, but also from low cancelations, good customer service, high response rate, high response time, low late deliveries.... What you see on the search is only review quantity, the rest is hidden to you. We don't even know what's our "internal" rating, so we don't have enough info to make assumptions about who has the highest.

Besides, nowhere does it say that the “high rating” section should be ordered from higher to lower.


Waw… I feel like I’m surrended by blind people… Every buyer in that world, expect from high rating a high number of reviews (with many stars). At least so is happening on success businesses like Amazon, Ebay, etc.

ps: I’m sure that here somebody will feel offended (in theory we leave in a freedom speech world but in reality we are lead by dictatorship rules)


Reply to @whitehatseo10: No, we are not blind. We do understand that and in some ways that is logical what we are trained to expect. Though it doesn’t mean this site has to necessarily work that way.

May I ask you a question? What is it that bothers you about this? Are you as a seller not showing up where you want to be in the search or something like that?


Reply to @sincere18: Me and many other sellers who have gigs with tens or even thousands of reviews have our gigs listed behind of gigs with 1 or 3 reviews in high rating sections… That means we lost almost all new buyers that usually buy first 3 - 6 listed gigs, even they have 1 review…