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Bugs in the review system?

Hello! I had recently been scammed about 3 weeks ago by a buyer who left me with a one star review affecting my profile.I have forgotten about the buyer but after the bad starts I wasn’t able to send a offer in the “buyer requests” portion. 3 weeks later I finally got a order,which i completed with a happy customer who gave me a 5 star review.But now that I have gotten the 5 star review my stars are not going up.Will the stars go up after I get my balance or what?! as I need to be able to send offers in the buyer request portion again


Your all-time average is showing the correct figure (4.2 - probably rounded from 4.1667) so I assume it’s gone up from 4 (before the last review was added), and I assume it’s the all-time average that the buyer requests checks. When that gets to 4.5 average it should let you send offers I think.

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my average was 4.2 before my latest order,it didn’t go up after my 5 star review order

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If you look at all the reviews on your public profile it shows:
The average of all those is approx 4.1667 or rounded to 1 dp, 4.2
(4+5+5+5+1+5)/6=4.1667. 6 reviews are currently shown.

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thats sad to hear I still cant sent buyer requests