Bugs made me loose $24, don't let this happen to you! [Resolved]


I tried to pay with my credit card and I got an error, so I tried again, and again, and again. Turns out I was charged everytime and I lost $24. So remember, if you ever get an error, check your PayPal/back account and see if you’ve been charged before you try again. If you have been charge, file a bug report.


So how many deliveries did you get?


I got no deliveries, I lost $24 that neither the gig owner got, nor me.


Yes, but you can refund from order and get your money back!

You can refund money you lost because that was error!



It’s great having a big marketing campaign to attract new buyers when the payment systems broken, isn’t it? You trusted in the doers, but the company, er, didn’t.

OP: http://support.fiverr.com will be able to help you out. This is a known bug that you have just enjoyed.


this happened to me couple of times, actually I noticed couple of times , I dont know how many times it happened, suddenly my monthly earnings dropped , which is impossible and I contacted customer support and they refreshed it the amount it dropped was around 100$ one time and 250# the other time. They said even though it shows a wrong value funds are cleared correctly, Now im keeping my own records for every order to make sure this works fine


This bug is where a buyer tries to purchase a gig. The payment goes through, the order doesn’t. Your bug is different. Your bug could be any number of the many that flourish in Fiverr’s diverse ecosystem.

Please read the whole post and understand it before shoehorning your disgruntlement over multiple posts. Or start your own :frowning: post.


sorry I put it in a new thread


This happened to me and I had to cancel two out of the three large orders a buyer placed, affecting my rank and sales negatively.


Same here. Three of my orders apparently were purchased by mistake due to a system bug (the buyers also tried placing an order to other sellers) and unfortunately, I had to cancel all three because they already had someone else working on their order. This happened the same day with different buyers, while Fiverr experienced those issues with messages not being sent correctly.


Thank you everyone who’s tried to help, I had filed a customer support right before this post was made and i got a refund for all of the $24. The meaning with my post was just to tell people to not try to buy something if you get an error, there’s no point. And again, thank you for trying to help!