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Bugs of Fiverr?

I noticed that in the preview mode the green contact button does not appear (the I loged out and there it si… so it is the preview)…

Then in the login session the “remember me” option does not work, at least on my system (but it usaally works on all the other platforms… so I believe it is a problem on fiverr).

Just wondering…

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In preview mode you would not be able to use the contact button since you are viewing the gig from your perspective as the seller and creator of the gig. It makes sense that it would appear when you are logged out since you are then viewing the gig like any potential buyer.

The “remember me” option will not always work since Fiverr is a secured site with financial information attached. Some types of browser and security settings will prevent you from being “remembered.” That is something you might be able to troubleshoot or it may be blocked at all times. It is normal that it would work on some other platforms since not all of them require the same security.


Ok, thanks for your quick answer.

However, I think that the “preview” mode should mean “how other users see your gig”, or at least fiverr should build this option too (or did I overlook it?).

Is it possible to re-activate the “remember me” option under Chrome?

this turned out to be helpful for me as well…thanks