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bugs on account

What the hell going on, I had sent emails 3, 4 times from 2 weeks but didn’t get any response, what you guys are doing there.
From last months I have issue with the accounts, tried much time to get higher ranked gigs but failed even have 5 stars rating and have completed with good feedback, did share them on social media and did everything to optimize the gigs but nothing happens also have problems on account like I can’t able to favorite the gigs, not gigs option in seller menu is not clickable on the same page even same with other option also i have completed 11orders but on gigs it showing 9 order and click impresson etc going down don’t know why to please if you can do any thing do it don’t give excuses like clear cache or cookies or other seller doing great than me like that please first find bug than give me any excuse please i want reset or refresh my account


CS might be able to help you:

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@krea8ivesquad I have the same exact prolems with my account, There are not fixing the bug saying clear your cache and cookie. And not responding for days and not at all on some tickets.
I also have a issue that, The site is showing a red dot(the one that come when you have a unread message) on my notification, oven though I don’t have any notifications.
My rating is all messed up due to this

They are not replaying, I have 2 ticket and non of them have gotten usefull information, They are just saying clear cache and didn’t even replay on the 2nd ticket.