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Bugs Problem on Fiverr | Worst days Passing on Fiverr

My account temporary disabled for verification but when I upload my id and photo. Nothing Happens and Fiverr CS tells me that “There is no trace of uploading my id and photo on their server”. Just imagine How its feels if you are a Fiverr seller :shushing_face:

CS told me that, They will stay with me until the problem got solved But It has been 2 days now “I didn’t get a single reply from them” :no_mouth:

Can You Tell me "How it’s feels?"

Another Issue : ID Verification Not working from Fiverr App. When You Touch the camera icon, Nothing pop-up or You can’t Upload ID and Your Photo in the APP. LOL :triumph:

My humble request to Fiverr team That "Please Fix all those problems and Everybody wants everything get back to normal"