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Bugs:Response Rate; Learn more / Learn how - Links go to a 404 page


So, after my response rate after long suffering from the response rate bug had finally gone back to 100%, where it should be, I had a case of a message in my inbox, probably spam, and with a 'please contact me over my e-mail x@y.
This message showed up when I logged in, as already flagged, so no possibility to reply to it, did hit the report-button too.
Well, I noticed my response rate now is down to 92% again. The response rate thing doesn´t work as it should.

However, complaints about the response rate being faulty, don´t seem to lead to anything anyway :wink:

…but I hit the ‘Learn more’ link to see if it says anything new, it runs into a 404. The link for the ‘Orders completed’ below the response rates, runs into the 404 as well, the link for ‘Delivered on time’ work, so to whomever this may concern, you might want to check your links. :slight_smile:


Same here. I dread getting a spam message, as that means my response rate would go for a toss.


Same here. I got a spam that had already been marked spam and then as I expected my response rate dropped.

Why does fiverr let this go on? I bug CS when this happens to me.
I’m sure with the top notch programmers this site has there must be a way to fix this.


I reached out to CS about it, not 3 days ago, and the CS rep’s response was that he checked my response rate, and he claimed my rate would not be affected by messages already flagged as spam.

I don’t know what to tell ya though. It’s anyone’s guess.

My response rate has never made it back to 100% ever since the first time that pesky bug appeared. :slight_smile:


Mine didn´t for like 3 months or so, then all of a sudden it was at 100% again, and I had never contacted CS about it, to reset it or anything, because I´d read so often that it just will decline again anyway, well, was nice to see all fields with 100% for a few days lol.


Dear Miiila:

My advice is every time your response rate drops, open a ticket with Support.

Just create a text file with the same message, to save a little time.

I believe I’ve done this about 4 times now, and they typically reset the rate within a day.

In the meantime, the Fiverr team will work on new ways for the site to glitch.

It’s all meant to help you build character by dealing with adversity, and so far, Fiverr doesn’t charge you any extra for this service.

Good luck,


I had decided to not write tickets for that bug, and I’m stubborn, but thank you for your concern, Blaise. :slight_smile: In case someone brings proof of it really affecting much, I´ll bug them. :wink:


Dear Miiila:

My experience with that is the first time it happened was just after I became a Level 1 Seller. I had been getting an order a day, but once this happened, my orders slowed to a crawl and never recovered, despite the fact that all the work I’ve performed has been bespoke and to the specifications requested by the Buyers.

(I had just waited for the 30 days for it to reset.)

It may be that in your category, it’s easier for people to find YOU, so you’re not as affected as people in more crowded categories.

Fiverr works* in mysterious ways,

*Or whatever.


I see, for me it seems more that orders got less, when I followed the often read tip to change to packages lol this much seems to be sure:

But at least it keeps us un-bored. :wink:

The crowdedness of categories surely makes a difference to quite some things too, agreed.

I reported, I gathered I better tell CS about the 404s than just leave it here. My rate has been set back to 100%, where I guess it will stay until the next spam message in my inbox, and I was told the 404 thing has been passed on, the links still go to 404s for me. But after having reported the bug both here and in a ticket now my mind is at peace. :wink: