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Build some kind of audio/video communication ability!

Guys the type and level of work now that’s being done here in fiverr is way above simple quick $5.00 copy and paste jobs. Howe the hell can we expect to ‘communicate’ in a effective and ‘productive’ way via your damn messaging system. Ether allow buyers and sellers to communicate outside of the system vie skype or build something INTO this system. I am sitting here with around $270.00 worth or work and I am told I cant ‘communicate’ direct with the supplier. Crazy…your system has grown…needs have changed. YOU NEED to address this and sooner than later!.

I am in complete agreement and the fact that this was brought up 4 years ago and not addressed is more of a problem today than it was in 2014. I just joined as a buyer and the inability to talk on the phone makes the process more cumbersome and a lot longer. I could have had a 5 minute conversation but instead it took a few hours as I do not have the ability to stare at my phone waiting for the next message to come in but I do have the ability to put aside 5 continuous minutes and be done with it.In addition, everyone knows that many things are misunderstood through messaging and the ability to ask many questions is very quick in a conversation but starts to feel overwhelming in messaging and of course to hear a persons tone makes a world of difference as well. A recording app maybe you can partner with that records the conversation and transcribes the conversation as well, in addition to being encrypted too (as I saw some people wanting more security} could be a real viable solution for this. I know there’s privacy issues but through up front disclosures it can be an option with approval of the buyer and seller. I honestly would even pay a bit more for the ability to talk to someone.
I am a novice to word processing and that is why I need someone with the expertise that I do not have. Maybe each seller for each gig can have their own questionaire or test for the BUYER to take BEFORE anything is allowed to be purchased like "what is the difference between a pdf and a word document and in what situations would it be better to use one over the other? Then at the end the seller will know if they are working with a novice or someone with a working knowledge, or an expert who doesnt have the time to do it themselves. After the buyer fills out the custom questionaire by the seller, then the seller can drive them to a TECH EDUCATION page that the either the seller can create OR fiverr can have a TECH EDUCATION page ( in the home screen you can promote people visiting the TECH EDUCATION forum about each service area like in graphics - What is a vector? I am sure that the sellers would know what is least understood that causes the biggest misunderstandings, of what is and is not possible, or what someone should have purchased first if they had a better understanding of how the process worked. - this helps both the buyer and seller start on the same page before any money is exchanged and this should be MORE CLEAR in all of Fiverr’s pages.
I think that it must be required not just suggested to contact the seller first before buying -a basic consultation. The consultation is the questionare process that the seller creates for each gig then after the buyer answers all the questions, the seller can either write back that they are not a good fit and wish them luck on a better match or they can say that they are a good fit and can help them and move the consultation forward where the buyer now has the opportunity to fill out a questionaire that they create themselves for the seller and upon receiving the completion of the questionaire the Buyer can then next decide if they want to purchase the gig.
It’s also possible if you don’t want the process for all business transactions to conspire like this then there can be a marker on those buyers and sellers that require that business with them must be done this way.
I wanted to use Fiverr to save time but it ended up taking up a lot more than I expected and until I can communicate by voice at least, I will not be using Fiverr again. Good luck in making the changes to making communication more productive. Once you do, I will come back.